With this step Cancun Records is able to offer artists the possibility to get sync- and license deals for their music into advertisement, radio, tv and movies.

For Artists

Cancun Records contains many different labels and covers many different music genres. Therefore its wide network is flexible and offers for any kind of artists and labels the possibility to place their release at a high quality level of appearance to the physical and digital distribution channels, platforms and shops.

  • All needed services and resources needed for implementing and releasing music titles to the market are administrated and controlled by the Cancun Records and Beatone Group itself. All this in-house resources make the Cancun Records flexible and very fast to finalize all steps of a release and deliver it to the market.
  • whether it is publishing and registering tracks, mastering, design of covers, product packaging, promotion and delivering within short time to several distributors worldwide.
  • Direct account with Beatport (Delivery of releases within 7 days. Fast reaction for changing and edit things on the platform).
  • Great digital distribution through world leader for digital market (Beatport, Juno Download, Dj Tunes, dj Download, MixMag and For Beatone Digital over 500 digital stores worldwide).
  • Fast and straight communication (Email response within 48 hours).
  • staff for accounting, promotion and webpage updates.

For Demo sending:

Please send your demos as follows:

  • Email containing your name, artistname + homepage/facebook
  • Format: MP3/320 bit uploaded to this service or Similar
  • NO sending of soundcloud links or myspace profiles (we dont listen to this at all)
  • NO Previews, COMPLETE TRACKS ONLY! for calificate your music.

    1. For any interest in our distribution channels and / or jointventures to work with us on new projects, please contact our team.


If you run a label no matter what kind of music genre you are representing and interested to distribute worldwide your content digitally, we from Cancun can help you.


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